Goldie’s Special (Cheese Stuffed Burgers)

Tonight I fixed what my dad has always called a “Goldie’s Special”. It’s a hamburger with cheese in the middle! YUM! They are HUGE burgers because you basically have to make 2 patties for 1 burger. Here’s what I did. I use lean ground beef 93/7, a Lipton Onion Soup Mix, pepper, and seasoning salt. Combing the meat with the seasonings and mix well. Shape your patties. Place a slice of cheese inside. Place the other patty on top and be sure to REALLY pinch the edges together (you don’t want to lose all your cheese)! You’re ready to grill!

Ground beef
1 packet Lipton Onion mix
Seasoning Salt

  • Combine meat with seasonings and MIX WELL.
  • Shape patties (2 per burger)
  • Add slice of cheese in the middle
  • Place second patty on top of cheese
  • Pinch edges together TIGHTLY
  • Grill



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