Parmesan Chicken

Josh asked for Parmesan Chicken tonight. So…that’s what I’m making. Except I’m adding a little twist. I found a recipe on Pinterest for chicken. It’s SUPER easy, but of course I added a little of my own twist to it as well. It calls for sour cream and parmesan cheese. You simply mix the two together, rub on top of your chicken breast, and sprinkle bread crumbs on top. Bake at 400 for 30+ min. Well, my friend Bre said it was a little bland and to add a few different seasonings. So I did! I added a generous dash of a Ranch Dips packet, and a dash or two of dry italian seasonings. It was pretty good!


So tonight, I’m simply using a Parmesan Shake N Bake packet. I’m going to coat the chicken in the crumbs, and put the sour cream/ranch/parmesan mixture on top!


I’m also making spaghetti and au gratin potatoes to accompany the chicken. YUM!


The topping mixture! Sour cream, sprinkle of ranch dip packet, couple dashes of italian seasoning, grated parmesan cheese


Parmesan Shake N Bake



Add the sour cream topping and spinkle with grated parmesan cheese

Bake at 400 for 30+ min.


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