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Our Projects – The House

When Josh and I were engaged, I created a wedding website. We dated for such a short amount of time, and had a short engagement, that many of our family, and some friends, had yet to meet one of us. SO…I created the site for friends and family to stay caught up on everything. If you’ve already read everything from our wedding website, you don’t need to read any of this, because I’m simply going to copy and paste it into here. 🙂

Our House – The Specs

Josh began looking for a house in February, as soon as he moved back from Miami, Oklahoma. He had quite the vision for what he wanted. He wanted to buy land, live in a trailer temporarily and build a house with his dad. So first, we looked only for land, or land with a trailer, and it had to be a minimum of 5 acres. It had to have a hill to build the house on, a view, a pond, trees, be secluded, and around the Skiatook area. With such a defined idea of what he wanted, you can only imagine how long it took to find something. And, once we saw how much land was going to cost without anywhere to live, we decided to look more at buying a house with land. The first house we fell in love with was a “dream” home. However, that wasn’t the house we were meant to have. It needed A LOT of TLC, which we wouldn’t be able to afford for a few years after purchasing it. After coming to that realization, we went for a drive. We ventured up Javine Hill and started a new search. After winding back into the hill and over to a ridge, we saw a for sale sign. We went down the long driveway and found the two-story house that met nearly all of Josh’s criteria. It was on a hill, had an AMAZING view, 5.6 acres, LOTS of trees, and very secluded. The only thing it is missing is a pond. The house is 1800 square feet, has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It sits on the ridge of Javine Hill and overlooks Skiatook. The view is endless! It was absolutely meant to be!

house 15.JPG

We found this house on a Sunday, put an offer in on Monday, and were under contract on Tuesday. Gosh…it was so crazy! Once the house was ours, we immediately went into remodel mode. For those who don’t know, we have amazing fathers, both do great construction work. And both were willing to help!

We did A LOT of work:
•Painted every wall (inside & out) and ceiling
•Replaced the tile from 2 bathrooms and the kitchen
•Put a new roof on
•Put new carpet down for the stairs and upstairs
•All new baseboards for the downstairs (custom made by Josh’s Dad)
•New front door
•New back sliding door
•All new appliances (fridge, oven/stove, washer/dryer, microwave, dishwasher)
•New kitchen sink
•All new toilets
•Vents in all bathrooms

I’m sure much more was done, but those are just the major things I can think of. Here are some pictures:



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