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A Birthday and Easter

Being a Spring baby, I’ve never once had my birthday this close to Easter. Easter came VERY late this year…but I’m ok with that, it meant I got to spend extra time with family! And, I have an amazing family, so spending time with them is always fun!  Here’s how my birthday and Easter weekend went, and a few pictures!

Friday:  Our offices were closed, so mom and I went to Tulsa early and had breakfast with grandma Hope, and Helen joined us as well.  After breakfast, we went to the mall, got a pedicure, eyebrows threaded, and went to Aerie and bought a new bathing suit and cover up. (I haven’t announced this yet, but will do a blog about it soon…Josh and I are going to JAMAICA for our anniversary trip this year!! SO EXCITED!!) Got my hair trimmed, and then Josh/I went to dinner at Smashburger before going to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier. (It was a great movie, by the way)

Saturday:  Started off with my family (minus Justin, who was out-of-town) breakfast at IHOP.  Josh and I did a little shopping, then grocery shopping, bought a few veggies to plant, and then home.  Got the veggies planted, and then went to have a birthday dinner at Josh’s parents house, with his family. We had an egg hunt for Caleb and Chloe, and also played Cranium (one of my FAVORITE games).

Sunday:  Started off with a great church service.  So glad Jesus died for us, but more importantly…HE IS RISEN! What a peace we can have knowing we have an amazing Savior, who loves us so much he would give his life for us, so we can have life everlasting with Him!  Had my mom’s family over for lunch. We had a good crew, but were still missing several (Justin, Jason/Sandy, Ballew family, and Watson family). Played Bocce ball, had an egg hunt for Graeme, and just visited. Graeme’s egg hunt was entertaining…he would shake the egg, open it, and if there was nothing in it, throw it down and move on to the next one…in search of more jelly beans. Ha! He’s only 15 months old…who wouldn’t look for jelly beans?!  Then we went over to Josh’s parents house to visit with them again.  Did some more homework, and then got our food ready for today.

It was a busy weekend, but I love busy weekends that involve family! It’s so great to live in the same town with both of our parents…we have amazing parents!

Here are a few pictures:


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