Everyday Life

A 30 Day Challenge

Big exciting news! Josh and I are going to JAMAICA for our 2nd anniversary trip! We decided on our honeymoon we would make an annual anniversary trip.  It’s just SO important for a couple to stay connected, and be able to do things together, especially when you have kids. So, when kids come along, we probably won’t be able to do a 7 day/6 night Jamaica trip, but we will do SOMETHING.  Anyways, since we need to be beach ready, we’re doing a 30 day diet/exercise challenge by Jillian Michaels called Ripped In 30.  Today is day 4, and it’s been going pretty well! I’ll try to update each week on what we’re eating, and our exercises for the week. At the end of our 30 days, I’ll give you our before/after weight, body percentages, and measurements.

If you’ve never tried a Jillian Michaels workout video, you should. I LOVE THEM. I’m a huge fan of Jillian. She definitely knows what she’s doing. Also, she HATES focusing on one muscle group. She doesn’t have leg/arms/ab days. It’s an all over body workout EVERYDAY. Which is awesome, because that’s how you burn the most calories, and fat! So, here’s to looking forward to beach-ready bodies!


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