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Week 4 – 30 Day Challenge

We have finally made it through our last full week of our 30 day challenge. It has gone very well. We have remained full, stuck to the diet probably about 95% of the time, and we both have noticed a change in our body’s appearance.  Tuesday (5/20/14) will be our last full day, and we will do a weigh in and measurements to see our changes. I can’t wait!  We will continue to eat healthy, but don’t plan on being so strict. If we have the desire to eat Mexican, we will, see a move with popcorn, we will. But it won’t be a lifestyle for us, as it never has been. But going through these 30 days, and looking/feeling better we are now closer to where we want to be, and it will make it easier to maintain. Here is our menu for week 4:

Week 4


Breakfast:  Yogurt with mixed berries, granola, English muffin

Lunch:  Hummus Pita

Snack:  Special K Strawberry cereal with almond milk

Dinner: Shrimp, long grain wild rice, steamed veggies


Tuesday* with 2 mile walk

Breakfast:  Cheerios with banana and coconut milk

Lunch:  Turkey Avocado wrap, cheese stick, applesauce

Snack:  Protein bar

Dinner: ?



Breakfast:  Waffles, banana, pecans

Lunch:  Tuna sandwich, pop chips, mandarin oranges

Snack:  yogurt with mixed berries, granola

Dinner: Healthy Choice frozen entrée



Breakfast: ?

Lunch:  ½ salad with strawberries, chicken, poppy-seed vinaigrette, ½ chicken salad sandwich

Snack:  yogurt with mixed berries, granola

Dinner: Subway



Breakfast:  Quaker warm granola, waffles

Lunch:  Baked tilapia, steamed carrots, brown rice, cottage cheese

Snack:  Protein bar

Dinner: Grilled chicken with basil, garlic, tomatoes



Breakfast:  Veggie egg white omelet, fruit, toast

Lunch:  Special K Red Berries with coconut milk


Dinner: Grilled chicken breast, salad, green beans, corn


Sunday (3.5 mile walk)

Breakfast:  Eggs with turkey sausage, onion, bell pepper, English muffin, turkey bacon

Lunch:  Bertolli frozen entrée, applesauce

Snack:  Boom Chicka Pop

Dinner: Grilled chicken burger, steamed mixed veggies, long grain/wild rice


*Denotes Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Workout DVD

There are a few meals that I couldn’t remember, but I can promise you it was something I have already fixed. I tried to keep everything simple, and as grab-and-go as possible. Especially for Josh. He does home health, so he is in a car all day. No access to a fridge/microwave. It definitely makes it hard to pack a ‘always cold’ lunch for him.

But…so far, so good. Check back Wednesday for our weight loss final update!


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