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Race Day – The Most Amazing Race

So…as you remember, Bre and I were trying to raise funds for Tulsa’s Salvation Army and The Most Amazing Race.  Well, we didn’t finish 1st in fund-raising, we came in 2nd. But that’s ok. We tried REALLY hard and actually earned way more than we ever thought we would.  We were a little disappointed to see 1st place slip out of our hands, but it was all for a good cause.

We did however, win 1st place in the RACE. Oh man, we couldn’t believe it! We were SO thrilled!! The race was SO much fun. I would definitely do it again!  We had 10 obstacles/events to complete and covered 3.75 miles on foot.  Which we ran 98% of the time, which is honestly the only reason we won. We did raise enough money to earn a 5 minute head start (along with 9 other teams), a U-turn (along with 2 other teams), and a fast pass (along with 2 other teams).

Here are the events/obstacles we completed:

  1. Follow directions and make a balloon dog (1 teammate)
  2. Like the game of Memory, locate 2 matching cards under the mattresses at the Salvation Army (2 teammates)
  3. Complete left & right leg splits with aerial silks (1 teammate)
  4. Shoot a layup, free throw, and 3 point (2 teammates); Name 35 states, matched with their shape, displayed in a random order (2 teammates); Throw a football through a tire (2 teammates – FAST PASS)
  5. Roll a fire hose like a cinnamon roll, pull a fire hose up and over the 2nd floor balcony (2 teammates)
  6. Eat a small pizza with no hands (1 teammate); roll 10 silverware (1 teammate)
  7. Complete the Army Boot camp blow up obstacle course and remove 6 items from the game of Operation (without buzzing – 2 teammates – U-TURN another team)
  8. Memorize a script, repeat it around the block, take a pic with a statue and post to Facebook/twitter and hash tag it (2 teammates)
  9. Tour a building, learning about it’s history, then answer 10 questions about what you learned (2 teammates)
  10. 5 burpees, 5 toadies; 10 yard wheelbarrow (down/back switching teammates on the return); put the days events/obstacles in order; flip a tractor tire twice (2 teammates)

All events took place around downtown Tulsa.  Many were spread out, so after leaving the Salvation Army, we were bused until we reached Andonlini’s Pizzeria (#6).  Other than that, we ran from event to event.

We each won a GoPro camera and a $50 Amazon gift card.  Also, as a surprise to us, they presented us with a Cruz tablet for working so hard on fundraising.  We had a great day…wouldn’t you say??PhotoGrid_1402925837145

All racers
All racers

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