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It’s been quite a while…

I apologize for my delay in posts. It’s been far too long.  Since my last post, I have several recipes to blog about, we went to Jamaica for our 2nd anniversary trip, and most exciting of all, we just announced our pregnancy to our family and friends.  So let’s see what all I can fill you in on…


Jamaica – Oh my! It was so much fun! We LOVED it. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort, Jewel Resorts at Paradise Cove.  The staff there was excellent.  We have absolutely NOTHING to complain about.  We visited Dunn’s River Falls, which was crowded, but gorgeous.  We (mostly Josh) snorkeled, and he also learned to scuba dive.  He LOVES water, so it was a perfect and relaxing vacation for him.  I took a couple of books and lounged on the beach most of the time, (also watching Josh snorkel in the swim area) which was my idea of a relaxing vacation. The food and drinks were great! Our favorite restaurant was the Jade Samurai, which was a Hibachi grill.  They also had great evening entertainment and our favorite was the steel drum band.  They were absolutely AMAZING!  We would definitely go back, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for travel ideas.  I didn’t carry my phone around while we were in Jamaica, so I don’t have any pictures to upload at the moment.  I will have to get with Josh to add a few. Sorry! 

Our pregnancy – I was able to keep the secret from MOST people for 12 weeks.  We told our immediate family after 7 weeks, but didn’t tell our extended family and many friends until 12 weeks.  I know most people don’t wait that long, but we wanted to wait until our first ultrasound, to make sure everything looked good, and that was at 10 weeks.  Then, I wanted a fun and exciting way to share the news, so I ordered postcards, and mailed them to our out-of-town family, and hand-delivered the rest.  Everyone is thrilled, as are we. Due date is March 15th, 2015.  Which is spring break of my final semester of my MBA.  Luckily, I planned to only have 1 class the last semester, and that will be my capstone class. I have also been told we won’t be attending class each week, since it is a personal research-type project.  We will attend a few times throughout the semester to ask any questions, proofread our papers, etc.  So, I think that will work out well too.  

My friend Emily, of Emily Warwick Photography, came over after we found out we were expecting, and took anniversary photos, and pregnancy revealing photos. I will attach a few below.  I apologize for the delay, and will try to do a better job at keeping up.  🙂

 ewp14ewp20ewp01 ewp07   ewp26ewp29  ewp24


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