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Gender Reveal

Since the beginning of my pregnancy, Josh was SURE we would be having a girl first. There was never a doubt in his mind.  About 1 week before our ultrasound, we had fun testing the myths of the gender tests that most everyone has heard about.  We did the ring test and the baking soda test.  The baking soda test was a new one to all of us, but it was something we had on hand, so we tried it.

Ring test:  To perform the ring test, you tie a string around your wedding ring, hang it over your baby bump, and watch to see how it moves.  Most websites say if it sways like a pendulum, it’s a boy, moves in circles, it’s a girl.  Our results said BOY!

Baking soda test: To perform the baking soda test, you use 1 tablespoon of baking soda, and urine.  Combine the two, and if it fizzes (like pop), it’s supposedly a boy.  If it stays flat (no fizzing), it’s said to be a girl.  Our results: LOTS of fizzing, so it also revealed BOY!

Josh was in shock. He couldn’t believe both tests said boy.  I also thought it would be a girl from the beginning, but didn’t have much to back up my reasoning, just a hunch.  However, I had prepared myself that it could be a boy, had already picked out what I wanted the room to look like in the case of a boy, and everything.  Honestly, for THAT reason, I was hoping it was a boy, because I had no idea what I was going to do for a girl nursery.  But I LOVED the girl name we had picked out, and was REALLY hoping it was a girl, so we could use the name.

Before I reveal the gender, I was REALLY specific in how I wanted our surprise party to be.  I didn’t want ANYONE to know what we were having, and I definitely wanted to be surprised as well. I LOVE surprises…Josh, not so much.  I finally convinced him, so the tech had us look away as she looked at the gender, and then she wrote it down on a notecard after we left the room.  We took the envelope with the balloon, and both pink/blue confetti to the store, and the worker at the store filled it for us.  She was the ONLY person who know the gender!  So it was a surprise for EVERYONE at the party, not just our friends and family – even us!! It was SOO much fun, and Josh even enjoyed it!

So, what did the ultrasound reveal?

Look very closely at the second picture (in the tree – the confetti almost looks like leaves).

IMG_8583 IMG_8585-2


Our reveal theme was pistols or pearls.  There is a story behind the pistol, I’ll give a VERY brief synopsis.  When Josh first realized he was interested in me, he was over at my parents’ house, target shooting with my brother, and I joined…apparently he was impressed with my aim 🙂   So, at our wedding reception, I tied the holster on OVER my garter, leaving him to see the pistol on my hip as he first had to untie the holster to get the garter off.  So, since the pistol has been such a part of our relationship, HA!, I felt that the theme would be perfect.

The day of our party, it was EXTREMELY windy, about 35 mph, so I apologize for our rigging of the ladder, but the balloons would have popped if we placed them on the ground, as originally planned.  They’re helium filled, and still at a 90 degree angle. Oh well…it all turned out.  The confetti flew away EXTREMELY fast, but we were able to tell it was pink.

Our little girl will be named Gentry Hope.  Gentry comes from Josh’s maternal grandmother, it was her married name, also his mom’s maiden name.  Hope comes from my maternal grandmother, it’s her middle name, but what she goes by.

Here are a few more pics from our party:



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