Everyday Life

And a year later…

So…it’s been about a year since I posted last.  I can’t believe it’s been that long already!  So much has happened, and I’ve been so busy.  BUT…I’m making it my new goal to post at least twice a week!  I have so much going on, but I think I can do it!  I really do enjoy posting, I’ve just forgotten about it.  So…let me fill you in on what has happened within the past year, and then I will try to go back and post about the really important things separately!

Let’s see…what happened after the Gender Reveal…

We went to Branson over Thanksgiving weekend with my parents…that has seemed to become a tradition as we have gone every year since we got married, and are going again this weekend.

Christmas went really well, got to see all of my family members.

New Year’s was great too…nothing special that I can remember…I think we went over to my brother/sis-in-law’s with my parents and played games…

My Sis-in-law threw a baby shower for me in January.ewp26_resized

Gentry’s nursery was completed by the end of January, which was my goal…just in case she decided to come early.

I finished my MBA by the end of February.  My professor let me do an online course and take it at my own pace…which means I finished an 8 week course in 3 weeks. LOL.

Gentry was due on March 15th…however, she didn’t make her arrival until March 25th.  Yes, I went 10 days over, and my Dr. let her come on her own.  I was scheduled to be induced starting the night of 3/24, but had already started labor, so she let things progress on their own…more to come on my labor and delivery in an individual post…because that’s a pretty amazing story!

Gentry went to her first tea party at Emily’s in Stillwater.

My 27th birthday, April 19th, was amazing as I got to celebrate it with my baby girl in hand…being a mom is the most amazing thing EVER!20150418_190616_resized

Josh celebrated his 31st birthday, May 7th, as a new dad.

Gentry went on her first vacation/family reunion to Branson, MO. over Memorial Day weekend.

I got to celebrate my first Mother’s Day, and Josh got to celebrate his first Father’s Day.

We went back to Branson two weeks later for another family reunion.

I stayed home with Gentry for 12 weeks, and went back to work mid-June.

Gentry celebrated her first 4th of July.20150703_215755

We celebrated Caleb’s 8th birthday in August.20150704_200636_resized

We went to another family reunion over Labor Day weekend in Arkansas.

Gentry got her tongue clipped at the beginning of October and didn’t even shed a tear…

We went to the Tulsa State Fair.20151009_205739

We went to a pumpkin patch.20151017_145013

We dressed up as Charlotte’s Web for Halloween.

We just picked out our Christmas tree.

I think that’s about it for the major highlights over the past year.  Now for a few events and their specifics…



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