Everyday Life

She’s walking!!

Gentry has been working so hard, the past week or so, on learning how to walk.  She’s been pretty early with everything else, so it didn’t come as a shock to us.  She was sitting up on her own at 5 months old, crawling at 7 months, and now she’s really figuring out this whole walking thing!  She’s been couch surfing for quite a while now, and she had taken at most 4 steps on January 23 (I remember because we were at my nephew’s 3rd birthday party).  Last night she took quite a few steps, and I FINALLY got videos of it, and on my phone too.  Normally they’re on Josh’s phone, and he’s not very good at sharing them…

Here is a video of her walking for a ‘selfie’.  She loves seeing herself on the phone, so I figured why not let her watch herself walk for the camera…

She is SO proud of herself, and we’re proud of her too!  She’ll be wondering throughout the house in no time.  However, the rest of the downstairs is wood flooring, and because she’s still in 9 month pj’s, they don’t have the no-skid footies…so she doesn’t like walking on the wood.  Once she gets better balance, or switches to 12 month pj’s, then I’m sure she’ll be all over the place!

Now we just need to find walking shoes in a size 2…


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