Everyday Life

Our first shared virus

Gentry and I have officially shared our first virus.  And let me just say, if she felt as bad as I’ve felt, for over a week…bless her heart…this is HORRIBLE!  I noticed on Saturday evening (March 6th) that Gentry felt a little warm, but she hadn’t even began to act like she didn’t feel good.  Sunday, a little later in the day, she felt warm.  I took her temperature both days, and the thermometer read no fever, both days, both arms.  Monday, when I got to daycare to pick her up, they told me she had been a little fussy, and felt warm.  Checked her temp again…still no fever, but I went ahead and gave her Tylenol because she did feel warm.  After her evening nap, she felt cooler, so I know she had a fever.  Tuesday afternoon, daycare called to tell me that she had woke up from her nap VERY warm and that she had some gunk in her ear.  (Obviously our thermometer was no longer working)  They took her temp and it read 102.0 under the arm!!  OH MY!  That’s really like 103.0…so I hurried home to get her to the Dr. office, so we could get started on something that night.

While I was “hurrying” home from work, I got pulled over!  SERIOUSLY.  I was going 62 MPH in a 50.  The officer didn’t care that I was trying to make it to a Dr. appointment for my baby before they closed for the night. (It was 4:20, and I was still 20 minutes from picking her up, and another 30 min from the Dr. office.)  Talk about SUPER irritating.  Anyways, he let me off with just a written warning, and quite the lecture.  Seriously, this lecture was like I was 16 years old, driving recklessly, on a curvy road, passing cars right/left.  The back roads are not flat, but there aren’t any sharp curves, I wasn’t passing anyone, and the only reason the speed limit is 50 MPH, is because it’s a county road, and 50 is the max speed for a county road.  UGH!


Gentry had a bad ear infection in her left ear, that had caused the ear drum to bust!  Her first ear infection, and she has a busted ear drum.  Never ONCE did she tug on her ears, act like she was feeling so sick.  She is one tough cookie!  She was prescribed ear drops and Augmentin…her first antibiotic.

We stayed home and snuggled all day on Wednesday.  She slept on my chest, coughed in my face, sneezed on my neck, etc.  But ya know, she doesn’t slow down and let me snuggle with her very often, and she wanted to…so of course I did!  Which meant by Thursday afternoon, I was a snot-making machine.  By Friday, I wanted to stay home and do NOTHING.  The head pressure was so intense!  It’s Thursday, and I still have quite a bit of head pressure.  It appeared to take Gentry about 10 days to get back to 100% normal…so I’m hoping soon I’ll start feeling more like myself.

PS. – It appears to be viral, because I’ve been taking Augmentin for almost a week now, and I’m still not feeling well…so it just has to run its course.  Aren’t those the most dreaded words from the Dr.?!  Ugh!

Stay healthy!


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