Everyday Life

All done!

Talking is teaching, right?!  Well, I love to talk, and apparently Gentry does too!  I’ve talked to her constantly since she was born…about everything.  As a newborn, she sat in her infant seat on the kitchen counter, while I made up song about making pancakes for breakfast.  Crazy things like: Stir, stir, stir it up, ’til all the lumps are gone.  Stir the water in the powder and sing a little song.  (Sung to the tune of Row, row, row your boat).  Apparently I can only make up songs to that tune, because the song I made up for brushing her teeth is the same tune, just different words: Brush, brush, brush your teeth, ’til all the plaque is gone. Back and forth and up and down, don’t forget your tongue!  HAHA!

Anyways, back to my story…we talk constantly, and Gentry has learned to respond with “words” any time I ask her a question.  It’s so precious!  So she’s started telling me that she’s “all done” or maybe it’s “I done”…but anyways…it’s pretty clear on the done part.  She’ll say it in the mornings when she’s done breastfeeding, and she’ll say it in her highchair after she finishes eating.  I tried to get this video of her telling me “all done” at lunch, because she had told me after breakfast.  She didn’t say it as well as she normally does, but you can tell she is trying to tell me something…

Sorry it gets dark…I wasn’t watching my phone while I was recording, so the light in the window made it a little hard to see for a little bit!



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