Everyday Life

I guess that’s one way to get around…

Gentry has been crawling since she was 7 months old.  She’s been taking steps for over a month now, and her distances are getting longer and longer.  When she was sick, it seemed to have set her walking back a little bit.  Ya know, sometimes when your ears are messed up, so is your balance…it’s that equilibrium thing!  Well she’s back to taking a lot more steps again, and will figure it out soon.

Anyways, Gentry crawls in a rather different way.  We think this is because we have hardwood floors downstairs, with a small rug in the living area.  By “scooting”, she can get around a little easier in her fleece pj’s.  I don’t blame her…do you know how hard it would be to crawl with your legs just sliding out from under you…constantly?!  Ha!  So…she’s adapted to a new way of crawling, and it’s quite effective for her.  She’s gotten pretty quick at it too, although the video doesn’t show her speed.

How does your little one get around?


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