Everyday Life

11 months and walking!

Gentry turned 11 months old on February 25th.  I can’t believe we are only 18 days away from her 1st birthday!  These 11+ months have gone by WAY too fast!  She started taking steps around 10 months old.  Then she got sick with her ear infection, etc., and refused to walk for about 2 weeks.  She picked it back up the week of her 11th month, and by the Monday after, she was barely crawling at all!  So this past week, she has been walking EVERYWHERE.  It has now become rare to see her crawl.  If she stumbles, she stands right back up and tries to walk again.  I can’t believe how fast she picked up on it!  And so begins the…”where’s she at?” questions between Josh and I.  Ha! She’s even so confident in herself, that she will even carry things around…even things that are as big as she is!

Here’s her 11 month video…  We have to take a video, then pause it and take a screen shot of the video, because she no longer sits still long enough to snap a picture.  Here is her 10 month vs. 11 month side-by-side and the video:



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