Everyday Life

Books are FUN!

Gentry LOVES books.  The moment she wakes up, she wants to read.  If she wakes up on her own, as soon as she sees me, she points to the books on the nightstand.  If I wake her up, once she “comes to”, she points at the books on the nightstand.  And then I have to tell her, “not yet, you have to eat first”, or “not right now, we have to eat and get ready for daycare”.  Once she finishes eating, she points to the nightstand again, and on days I have to tell her “not right now”, she points to the bookshelf.  She LOVES to read!!  Yesterday we stayed home because she was pretty sick over the weekend with an ear infection, and I figured she could use one more day of rest.  So when she finished eating, we read all the books on the nightstand, and then she went to pick out more from the bookshelf.  We read over 15 books in the morning, and then we read them again last night.  Even after reading them all, she wants to read them all again.  I hope she always loves to read!

Here is a video of her picking out another book to read:


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