Everyday Life

Just a lil’ miss priss

Gentry tends to be a little prissy…extra girly…sassy…bossy…she’s definitely a girl!  She’s very gentle, careful, and sweet.  A couple of weeks ago, I took her to Tractor Supply to see the baby chicks and ducks.  She used 1 finger to pet them!  She was SO gentle.  We walked around PetSmart and she petted all the dogs, and was so gentle with all of them!

She caught herself falling outside the other day, stood up, looked at her hand, and then shoved it in my face like…”mom, get it off”!  It was so funny!  (Attached video – Watch what she does when she touches the water in the wheel barrow.)

She was eating with her BOY cousins and Luke (6 weeks younger than Gentry) was trying to steal a slice of cheese from her.  She grabbed him by the wrist, looked at him, and said “AHH”!  (Don’t even think about it!)  A few minutes later he had taken her fork and was banging it on the table.  She looked at him, stuck her arm straight out in his direction with a look of annoyance, and surprisingly, Luke put the fork down.  (Talk about bossy!!)

She is VERY careful about where she puts her feet when she walks, and makes sure nothing is going to trip her up.  (Attached video – Watch how she carefully steps over the water hose.)

Gentry LOVES animals, and is becoming more and more independent.  She has started walking much further away from us, and occasionally looking back to make sure she can still see us.  (Just watch the video)

PS- I changed her clothes thinking she would play with the water in the wheel barrow…silly mom!


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