Everyday Life

Time to catch up again!

Hmm…let’s see…what all has happened lately?

We recently went camping in Arkansas with my family, and Gentry had a GREAT time!  Josh and I took Friday off and drove down Thursday evening after work.  On Friday, Dad and Josh went fishing and golfing, while Mom, Gentry, and I went to a drive-through safari in Gentry, Arkansas!  It was SO much fun!  We loved being able to pet so many animals!  Gentry loved picking up the kangaroo’s tails, and we even got to feed a giraffe!  Have you ever got to pet a kangaroo?!  OH MY…they are SOO soft!  Several of them even had little joeys in their pouches, which they carry for up to 8-12 months!  Here are a few pictures of the drive-through safari:


Gentry LOVES her baby dolls!  Leaving her babies at grandma/nana’s usually results in a meltdown.  She is such a good lil’ momma!  She shh’s them, and rocks them, and sways with them.  It’s amazing how ingrained being a mom is in little girls!  She’ll even lay them down on their belly, turn their head to the side, and cover them with a blanky.  SO SWEET!


Meltdown after I told her we had to leave her babies and go home…

Her vocabulary continues to improve!  Even her enunciation is getting better!  Cars are beep beeps, which she has a serious fear of.  Not sure where it came from, but I guess it’s not a bad thing.  Other than the fact that holding her hand and standing still in the parking lot while a car goes by is NOT good enough.  She immediately starts whining and putting her hands up to be picked up immediately!  She now says DADDY, no longer dada…and MOMMY, not just mama.  She can tell you SEVERAL animal sounds: rooster, pig, dog, cow, monkey, owl, horse, and penguin (she just waddles), and peacock (she tries to say peacock, but it comes out more like tick-tock).  She is now saying pee pee, either when she’s wet her diaper, or wants to sit on the potty.  Her new favorite word is UP!  But she says it with great force…so much so that she likes to spit at the end! HA!  And UP! means she either wants up or down.

She can point to nearly every body part too: head, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, foot, toes, hand, fingers, belly button, bottom, and most recently we’ve been working on shoulders and knees.  Also, give this girl a little music, and she’ll start swinging those hips!!  It’s so fun to watch!


And last, but not least…here are a few fun pictures that I just love!

  • The way she carries that shopping bag…I think we’re in trouble!
  • That surprise expression…priceless!
  • And check out those BEAUTIFUL blue eyes!!
  • She loves the cows!
  • Playing outside, riding around together!
  • Tulsa zoo!
  • Grand Lake, family walk to the water!

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