Everyday Life

She just keeps learning!

Gentry’s vocabulary has continued to GROW.  She is saying SO many words, I don’t think I can even remember them all!  There is 1 new word that we DON’T want her saying constantly though, and she just started saying it on Saturday…MINE!  We’ve been trying to break it since it started.  We’ve tried…”Gentry, we don’t say mine, can you say please?”  “Peas” “There ya go!  Here’s ____. Thank you for asking nicely.”  “MINE!”    UGH!!  What are some ways you’ve been able to break the “MINE” curse?  Ha!

Now that it is getting dark so much earlier, every evening when we get home, she has been obsessed with finding the “moo” (moon) before we go inside the house.  And unless it’s hiding behind a cloud…she always spots it!

Yesterday, she said “Heidi” repeatedly.  Heidi is my mom/dad’s dog.  We’re constantly telling Heidi to get out of Gentry’s face, back up, stop, go on, etc.  Which brings me to another word: “sTOP”  I think she learned that one from us always telling the dogs to stop.  She really puts on emphasis on the “TOP”.

If she bumps her head or falls, she says “Oww”.  And then expects a kiss.  She’s one tough little girl!  We were in the kitchen and I turned around and accidentally stepped on her foot.  I quickly apologized and said, “are you okay?”, to which she simply looked at me with a look of irritation and said “Oww…”.  Ha.

We still sit on the potty every morning, Monday – Friday, and she typically goes 4 out of 5 days!  A few times I’ve been lucky enough to put her on the potty before bed and get her to go!  She gets VERY excited when she goes, and loves to listen to her potty sing to her.  She sits there and rocks back and forth.  It’s very cute!  I get very excited as well…Josh finds it rather entertaining. Ha.  What mom doesn’t get excited when their baby goes to the potty?!  Oh!  That reminds me…she says…”I poop” for everything.  Sometimes I tell her, “You just went pee pee…you didn’t poop.”  To which I get a “yay” and clapping.  I try to tell her, “we only clap and say yay when we go pee pee on the potty.”  As I laugh at her…so I’m sure she doesn’t know I’m being serious. HA!

OH!  Halloween!  Thursday evening, my mom, Gentry, and I went to visit Grandma Hope at her assisted living facility to trick or treat around the building.  Gentry’s costume hadn’t been delivered yet, so I quickly had to come up with an alternative.  So, my mom had a red cape that I wore as a little girl, and she went as Little Red Riding Hood.  Friday evening, Gentry and I dressed up as monkeys, and Josh was the zookeeper!  We went to the Tulsa Zoo for HallowZooeen.  My dad was out of town, so my mom joined us!  She was our “Hillbilly Zookeeper”.  Monday evening we went over to my brothers house and walked their neighborhood.  She came home with SO much candy it was ridiculous!  She had a great time being a monkey!


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