Everyday Life

My little helper!

On Sunday mornings, while we’re getting ready for church, Gentry always wants “UP!”.  Now that she’s getting old enough to sit still and with me right beside her, she’s been getting up on the counter next to me while I do my hair and makeup.  She loves playing with the makeup brushes and brushing her hair.  It’s so fun to watch her, because she really is trying to mimic the things I am doing!  This past Sunday morning, she sat up there next to me, put my headband on, and began playing with my makeup brushes.  She was having so much fun, so I asked her if I could take her picture.  SHEEZ!  It was the cutest picture, with the best little smile!


She even got a little eye shadow off the brush…and pretty close to her eye!  Ha!


Just when you think she’s starting to grow into her eyes, you get a picture like this!  Everyone comments on her eyes, and tell us that she reminds them of a Precious Moments doll!  I couldn’t agree more!


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