Everyday Life

So much to catch up on!

Things have been SO busy over the past few months, I haven’t had a chance to write!!  We’ve celebrated Christmas, New Years, my niece Chloe’s birthday (6), my nephew Graeme’s birthday (4), my dad’s birthday, our baby #2 GENDER REVEAL, my mom’s birthday, my sister-in-law Candice’s birthday, GENTRY’S birthday (2), and just yesterday was my brother’s birthday…but we haven’t gotten the chance to celebrate his yet.

We had a wonderful Christmas with all sides of our families!  Gentry received WAY more than she needed…but I think that happens with every child!

Chloe and Graeme both had their first birthday party with friends!  They both had SUCH a great time!

We found out the gender on baby #2, and invited our families out to my parents house, and again popped a balloon…but this time, I got to shoot the balloon!!  🙂  See the video here to find out what we’re having:


My company, Samson, had another layoff this year, and this time my mom got let go.  However, she wasn’t too upset about it!  She has decided to retire, along with dad, and they have been enjoying their time together!  They’ve been traveling quite a bit!  They’ve gone skiing and a couple of camping trips already!  They’re looking forward to this spring weather to get in more camping trips (Broken Bow for bass fishing in a couple of weeks, and Beaver Dam Arkansas for trout fishing in May).  They’re currently waiting on the rain to clear out of the forecast to go horseback riding, and are ready to leave at a moment’s notice!

Gentry’s birthday party was shared with both families again, and we had a great time!  Her main gift was a kitchenette that my grandpa had built approximately 35 years ago for my oldest cousin, and has been passed down through all of us cousins, and now our children!  It is such a special piece!  She has been enjoying playing with it, and her “food”.

OH!  AND…Gentry is fully potty trained!!  I am SO proud of her!!  She has grown up so fast!  Our little baby girl is now a big girl, and loving every minute of it.  She can even identify several colors, a few letters, and a couple of numbers.  She is talking in 3-4 word sentences, and understands SO much of what we tell her.  She is starting to get excited about her bubba, and has started “playing” with him nearly every day.  And by playing with him…I mean she likes to lift my shirt and blow raspberries on my stomach. LOL!!  Next, is trying to get her to understand that bubba is a real baby that she will get to see every day, and will come home with us in a few short weeks.

OH!  We’ve also got the nursery cleaned out and all of the furniture put together!  My mom is currently working on the bedding (sheets, blanket, bumpers, and bed skirt), changing pad covers, and valences.  Can’t wait to share those pictures with you all!  It’s going to be precious!

Josh has been spending his extra time working on fixing up a John boat, and hopes to be done very soon…as do I.  🙂

Below are a few pictures over the past few months to get caught up!  Sorry it’s been so long…hopefully I can stay on top of it better!!

To see more videos, click on this link: https://vimeo.com/user48221509


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