About Me

I was raised in Skiatook, Oklahoma.  I graduated high school in 2006.  I have my undergrad in elementary education, and my masters in business administration.

I currently work in Tulsa for Samson Resources, and I have been with them full time since I graduated college. I got married in August 2012, and we currently live in Skiatook on 5 acres of land that has the most amazing view you can imagine! We LOVE it! My husband and I had our first child, Gentry Hope, in March 2015.  We have 2 dogs – Zoey, a lab/German shepherd mix, and Emma, a full blood lab.

I LOVE to cook/bake! I just love being in the kitchen and trying out new recipes.  Cooking and baking runs in the family.  Our family get-togethers are centered around the kitchen…no matter whose house we’re at!

I recently became a BeachBody Coach, and am in love with their workout videos and Shakeology!

This blog focuses on the loves of my life (my family), recipes that I try, and workouts!

Thanks for reading!


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One thought on “About Me

  1. Your parents are amazing cooks, that’s for sure. And you are following in their footsteps, Amy. So glad you are, as we reap the benefits now and then! 🙂

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